Bible Centered - Family Focused - Mission Driven

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Bible Centered - Family Focused - Mission Driven

Restoration Family

In our busy lives, family time tends to get put on the back burner; not only with our own personal family, but with our church family, too.  Our mission is to bring back the family dynamic through reconnecting with one another while keeping Christ the center.

Our goal is to bring families together every other month (September - May) for an event hosted by our church families.  A theme (games, crafts, mission/ministry, etc...) will be provided for the event and two families each time will help plan the evening.  One family will be asked to plan the snack and the other will be asked to plan the activity.

This ministry is for ALL ages.  Married or single.  Kids or no kids.  Everyone is welcome to attend!  

Please call the church office at 701-842-4617 or check the online church calendar for more information.

Harvest Heyday  -  October 1, 2017


Harvest Heyday  -  October 2, 2016